RIS Slogan


Our Curriculum

The school runs edexcel curriculum in the core subjects(English language,Mathematics and Science) and Nigerian curriculum is used in other subjects in the primary section while the Britsh/Nigerian curricula are used in the Nursery section.

  • Primary pupils are taught Mathematics,  Physical Education, Integrated Science, French, Yoruba, Igbo, Christian Religious Knowledge, English language, Social Studies, Music/Movement, Art, Vocational Studies, Sex Education and Information Technology
  • Nursery pupils are taught Phonics from the playgroup class. Nursery pupils are able to read before moving to Class One of the Primary School.
  • Art and handwork are at the centre of infant education, encouraging self-expression and developing manual co-ordination. The School provides adequate facilities, which would expose the children to the widest form of education such as music, drama, science, games and craft.
  • Visits to museums, factories, art exhibitions, theatre, concerts and various places of interest are encouraged through planned school excursions.